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An interesting collection of photos, but no particular theme :

(source: Maurice Billingsley)

Maurice writes : ' This is Oak Lodge sometime in winter 71-2 I think. I was i/c cutting the grass. This is taken from near the pond, which disappeared when the new St Edward's was built. It was here that I lost control on wet grass and sailed majestically into the home of the newts and sticklebacks. It was a very heavy mower! '

' . . . . Kubrick filmed part of the clockwork orange at St Edward's. The bits in the young offenders' unit, naturally. The scene that caused us the most inconvenience was cut - warders marching the new inmate along the M1 main corridor ! '

(source : Olivia O'Dolan)

Fr Packy Harrity — context unknown

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Just recently (January 2005), Fr Michel Groiselle,
webmaster for the White Fathers' international website,
his visitors with a link to our own site. Within a day
we had a message from Patrick Odhiambo.

(with kind permission of The international website of the White Fathers)

Patrick writes :
"I am in Toulouse where I am being taught Theology
in French. I learnt the language during the Spiritual year of my
formation which I spent in Burkina Faso (2001-2002). I am just
coming to the end of my initial formation.
Having taken the oath and been ordained a deacon
last December, I am preparing for ordination as a
priest later this year . . . . Father Aylward Shorter
(on the right) was my teacher in Kenya."

(source : The international website of the White Fathers :

Patrick and his confreres,
who were ordained Deacons by His Grace Archbishop Emile Marcus on 4th December 2004 in the Notre-Dame La Dalbade church, Toulouse, France :

(L-R) :
Jean-Paul Ilunga Litebe, Prosper Mbusa Wilondja, Patrick Odhiambo Oketch and Noé Ouedraogo.

Note 1 : for more pictures of Patrick's ordination group, visit

Note 2 :
Fr Michel's site won the Multimedia International Award 2003

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(source : Una McTernan Enniskillen, via Olivia O'Dolan)

This is the album that you meant to buy but couldn't afford, when you were at Blacklion in the sixties.

The search for this recording started when Mike Mearns
sent us his cassette recording of the band (Sept 2003) — when
I didn't have decent equipment or software to make a website copy.

Selections from this album will appear in the
"Familiar Sounds" Appendix as soon as it has been
transcribed — with priority given to the tracks on
which the Blacklion boys provided vocal backing.
(And der bum notes). In the meantime, a thousand
thanks to Olivia and Una for making this available to us.

John Baird of Letterkenny says "Barney & Ritchie (Fitzgerald)
are still playing away as a duo and Kathleen
is living in Bundoran." (February 2005)

(source : John Baird)