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31st December 2004 :

Kees Neeft was at Broome Hall for his noviciate 1962/3. He was a contemporary of people such as
Fr Peter Smith (UK Provincial), JJ Quinn, Peter Fredrickson, Michael Foley, Thomas Power and Michael Keller.
(Fr Van der Bosch was Superior at the time).

When searching for 'Broome Hall' via Google, Kees was surprised to come across details of the
'Broome Hall' locomotive, as seen in the first photo below.

For all you trainspotters out there (!) here are
details gleaned from that Google search :

The Great Western Archive
4908  Broome Hall. Built January 1929. First shed allocation Plymouth Laira. August 1950 shed allocation Neyland. March 1959 shed allocation Penzance. Last shed allocation Oxford. Withdrawn October 1963. Scrapped at Cashmore's, Newport.

I came across some more pictures of Broome Hall, when it was owned by the late Oliver Reed,
and thought that you might find these particular photos of interest.

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Oliver Reed, when he was lord and master of Broome Hall.
Can you identify the room ?

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Was this Fr Superior's study ? Is that fireplace familiar ?

To follow, on Pages 200 - 202, are photos of Kees' time at Broome Hall (Dorking).