(Source: Tony McCaffrey)

Daniel O'Hagan, Paul Holcroft, John Lydon, Tony Bleasdale (RIP), John (Corky) Corcoran.


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Source: Bernard Melling)

A visitor to The Priory. Who and when?

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(Source: Eugene MacBride)

What a photo! The caps indicate St Columba's. Any ideas?

Gerard Hamilton writes:
I attended St Columba's College from 1949 - 51 and have
information about the above photo (taken at Scots' View circa 1949/50)
(L-R) :

Back Row: ??, Fiacra Fahy, Martin Hickey, Paul Yeoman, Paddy O'Connell

Middle Row: ??, John Casper, Raymond Donoghue, Hugh Baptist,
Billy Sullivan (with the broken arm), Jimmy Johnston

Front Row: Jarlath Hynes, ??, ??, Walter Perry, Gerard Hamilton (me), John Philip

Other names which come to mind for the question marks are:
Tommy Hennessy, Michael Kelly and Joe Tierney.

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(Source: Bernard Melling)

Another gem. Probably an original sepia print.

Peter Vale-Humphreys writes : I reckon it is the new Gym built at St Columba's
which I think burned down years later if I am not mistaken . . .

Front left was a Raymond O'Connor and I reckon that it is me far left middle row
immediately behind the lad with hands in pocket. It looks acold day as I am sure
Bernard Melling is the lad far right. Am I right so far?

I go on tho the front two the one behind might be Kevin O'Connor.

The building took place between the years 1957 and 1959, therefore as I was there."

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Source: Eugene MacBride)

Bishop Kiwanuka visit to St Columba's, 5th May 1950.

(Click here to read an account of Bishop Kiwanuka's life).)

Fr Rice is at the bottom righthand corner and Brother David is on the left, towards the back (glasses).
There's Fr Steve Collins popping up between two other priests on the right
— and so many more that we need to identify.
Yes, there's John Morton beaming away at the centre back.
Fr Drost, at the front on the extreme left?

Can you help?

Derek Biewer writes: "I am sure that the person on Fr Steve Collins' left is Bro. Dunstan.
Like many other brothers he changed his name later
I think when they were allowed to take their own birth names".

Chris Campbell writes:
I believe that Fr. Drost is the 2nd from the right in the front row.
He was the 1st White Father I knew. He was a patient of my father in the early fifties
when he was in the Sisters of Charity Sanatorium in Kingussie.
I presume he had TB. I used to go and visit him and he would
tell me tales of Africa. General tales of the animals and
people as well as those of the Missions and the Ugandan Martyrs.
Of course as a young boy in the Scottish highlands  I was enthralled.

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(Source: Bernard Melling)

Tom Dooley (left) amd Chris Campbell

Chris writes : "Bernard's picture of Tom Dooley & myself was taken
at the same time as mine on Page 140.
The 3 of us were probably on a Sunday walk".

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(Source: Mike Ellis)

St Columba's 1962 (I think)
Can you help to identify some of these 'faces' ?

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(Source: Mike Ellis)

A closer look might help.

A 1961 contemporary of Maurice Billingsley writes :

"To Adrian's right is Liam Lawlor and below them
Ian Netton. in front of him is Anthony Quinn, the Irish lad.
He may have been captain of Dryburgh at that time.
Dick Kinlen is beside Ellis with Brain Kearns behind him
and possibly Roland Dukes peeping through at the rear
The lad beside John Strain may be Francis O'Neill.