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October 21st 2022

Estelle Geddes has sent us a detailed account of her late uncle, Fr. Hugh Monaghan W.F. & his brothers which we have appended to Fr. Hugh's obituary in the OBITUARIES section of the web site.  Our sincere thanks to Estelle for her continued contribution to the web site.


August 25th 2022

We have received an email from Moira Cameron, who along with her dad, Alexander Callaghan (The Priory 1946-47) joined us on our Zoom call a couple of weeks back.  She has identified he dad in several photos in the Gallery which have now been annotated appropriately.

For those who remember Michael Byrne (St. Columba's 1960-62, The Priory 1962-66), a regular on our weekly Zoom calls, as well as a regular attendee at re-unions  He recently married his partner, Andrew, of many years (who people who regularly attend re-unions may also know) and sent us these photos:

Congratulations Michael & Andrew!




June 20th 2022

In commemoration of 55 years since the closing of the Priory we have added a, kind of, nostalgic look at the site as it is today in our REMINISCENCES page.


May 29th 2022

News from the 29th General Chapter of the Society of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers): 

"On Thursday, 26th May 2022, the 29th General Chapter of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa re-elected Father Stanley LUBUNGO Superior General. Our fraternal and heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Stan for accepting to continue to serve the Society and the Church as Superior General for Africa and the African World.

Rome, 26th May 2022
André-L. Simonart,
Secretary General."

Here at The Pelicans we echo Fr. Simonart's congratulations.

Many of us continue to meet weekly on Zoom and all Pelicans are very welcome to join us so we have added a link on the right hand side of the Welcome page of the website to make it easier for people to join us.  We look forward to welcoming new faces.

May 17th 2022

We have sad news from St. John's College, Southsea. Of the Priorians' sector of The Pelicans, especially those who were at The Priory in its closing stages (1961-67) will have, at some point, attended St. John's to complete their O-level & A-level exams.  Sadly, it was announced recently that, after 114 years, St. John's will not reopen in September 2022 due, primarily to poor enrolment numbers over recent years making continuing unviable.  https://www.stjohnscollege.co.uk/latest-news/46.html


April 2nd 2022

It has been quite some time since we last posted here and although we have lost a couple of members of our community in that time, it has been fairly quiet on the Pelicans front.  In March we lost Fr. Dave Cullen M.Afr. who frequently contributed to our APPEALS section while he was working in Zambia. He passed away in London, we believe, from Covid on March 10th.  May he rest in peace. 

Although he was no longer a member of the White Fathers, Fr. Michael Kelly will be remembered by many Pelicans from his time as a Brother living at The Priory while he was studying Architecture. He passed away in his adopted diocese of Mbeya in Tanazania where he had served as a diocesan priest since he left the White Fathers.  May he, also, rest in peace.

More news on Cardinal Fitzgerald M.Afr. He was, recently granted an honourary doctorate by Hope University in Liverpool. Again ,congratulations to his Eminence.

John Quinn has been in touch with us. At a suggestion by Michael Goodstadt (who continues to host a weekly Zoom meeting of Ex WF students. All are welcome to join these gatherings any Friday.  Detail are on the website on page 414 of the GALLERY.) John has written an extensive 'essay' on "Exploring intense activities to which I have been committed for the long term." which is like a mini-autobiography covering not only his time with the White Fathers but also beyond.  This expos√© can be found in our REMINISCENCES section of the website.


January 8th 2022

Happy New Year everyone!

Let us begin by congratulating Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald M.Afr. OBE on his mention in the New Years Honours list.  Best wishes from all Pelicans far & wide.

Now to more mundate things.  This is a big bill year and it appears we have been hit with cost increases on all fronts.  Happily, we already have enough money in the kitty, thanks to your generosity, to cover everything and still have a little left over for next years' bills.  The "donated to date" on the Welcome page will reflect the changes once the bills are paid on Jan 14th.  The new breakdown is available at the "details" link.  Your continued support is very much appreciated.

Our weekly Zoom calls have resumed on Fridays.  For details see page 414 in the Gallery.