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December 22nd 2021

From Michael Goodstadt:

"Hi everyone:

THIS IS A REMINDER that we will NOT be Zoom meeting either THIS week (Christmas Eve) or NEXT week (New Years Eve).


Our NEXT meeting will be this FRIDAY, January 7, 2022, at:

·        11:00am (Toronto/US Eastern Time),

·        4:00pm (GMT, UK time)

The link for our weekly Zoom meetings is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88394003195?pwd=L0F0Z3RIbjQ0Mi9ta0lrN0NJbFlJdz09

The password (if required): 422289

The Meeting ID  (if required): 883 9400 3195


Wishing you and yours a truly blessed Christmas, and every happiness throughout the coming year.

Take very good care.



December 21st 2021

We have received a Christmas message from Fr. Mike Targett M.Afr. in Ghana. This message can be found in the APPEALS section of the Pelicans' website.


December 13th 2021

For all those Pelicans that did their Theological studies at the house in Eastview, Canada  from the mid Sixties until its close in 1974, it is with sadness that we are informed of the passing of Fr. Johann Pristl M. Afr. earlier today in Germany. Fr. Pristl was on staff at Eastview from 1965 until 1974.  May he rest in peace.


November 26th 2021

We have received some sad news from Mary McGrath, her brother, Patrick Menzies (The Priory 1946-51) passed away on October 23rd.  Pat spent many years with the White Fathers in Zambia as well as some time in Rutherglen.  Mary also mentioned that her husband Michael McGrath, also a former Priorian (1949-53) passed away in 1984 (May 24th.) We are sure that all Pelicans will remember Mary and her family in our prayers.  May Pat & Michael rest in peace.


November 3rd 2021

Our apologies for such a gap since the last post but, unfortunately, some minor health issues have disrupted the flow of things over recent months. Happily, things are now returning to normal.

We have managed to complete the obituary of Fr. Aucoin on page 18 of Obituaries including a report on his funeral courtesy of Fr. Serge St. Arneault M.Afr (https://sergestarno.com) and we are working on an obituary for Fr. George Smith M.Afr. who, sadly, passed away on October 4th.  We would like to thank Chris Benton for keeping us up to date on Fr. Smith's funeral arrangement which took place on Oct. 20th. For those that missed it, the funeral service is still available online at https://youtu.be/1vjGhubTVcc .


August 1st 2021

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Fr. Pierre Aucoin M.Afr on July 29th 2021.  Fr. Aucoin taught at St. Columba's between 1956 and 1958. Many photographs that he took during that time appear in our Gallery pages 320 through 329.  May he rest in peace.


May 14th 2021

We have heard from Barbara Woods, the daughter of John Frederick Woods of Dublin who was at the Priory from 1937 to 1939. Barbara has sent us a photo of The Priory 1st X1 football team of that period which included her dad.  This photo is now available for viewing as the first item in Gallery 4.


April 22nd 2021

Last month we announced the passing of Peter Finn, former Priorian, founding member of The Pelicans and author of "History of The Priory Bishop's Waltham" (Hedera Books, 2002). Peter's funeral will take place tomorrow as St. Peter's church, Winchester at 2pm (BST).  We have the following communications from Peter's family:

From his son, Damian:

Dear All,

My Father’s funeral is tomorrow at 2pm. (23rd April 2021)

If you would like to attend remotely; The link is to St. Peter’s Winchester Livestream Channel and the order of service is attached.


Please keep my Mum and Dad in your prayers.

Kindest Regards


and from Peter's Granddaughter, Eleanor:

Dear All, 

The Funeral Directors only set up the donation page yesterday and I'm sure people may have already donated after publication of the obituary in the Hampshire Chronicle. In case you want a direct link to the donations page this may be easier: 


Thanks everyone for your kind wishes that have been gratefully recieved by the whole family. 

Best wishes, 

Eleanor (Peter's Granddaughter)


March 24th 2021

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Peter Finn (Priory 1947-52) from his son.  Peter will be well remembered for his book "History of The Priory, Bishop's Waltham" a book from which a lot of the students details on our web site are derived. Peter passed away on St. Patrick's day a few days after having a stroke. Damian, Peter's son, asks that we remember his dad, mum and family in our prayers. Anyone who was with Peter during his years with the White Fathers and would like to write a form of obituary, please, feel free to do so and send it to webteam@thepelicans.ork.uk. May he rest in peace!


March 8th 2021

We have received a new AMAP report from Mali by way of Mike Ellis.  This report is now available in the APPEALS section of the web site.  Mike Ellis adds: "say a sincere thanks to those members who still contribute to this lifesaving initiative?" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

March 1st 2021

We have heard from John Healy who was at St. Columba's in 1957 & 58.  He was also a parishioner at the White Fathers' parish in Heston. John has sent us some photos of his uncle Fr. Johannes Steinkamp W.F. who was, at one time, the WF Provincial in Germany.  As John features in one of the photos of Fr.Aucoin on Gallery page 320 we have added the photos of his uncle at the bottom of that page.


February 22nd 2021

We have heard from Kees Neeft (Broome Hall 1963-64) who had previously contributed to the Gallery (pages 295-298).  He recently came across a memorial card listing his confrères at Vals-près-le Puy in 1965 who were due to be ordained that year.  We have added this card to the end of Kees' contributions on page 298 of the Gallery.  Thank you, Kees.

Also in the Gallery we have re-written page 414 (which was a duplicate of page 413).  Page 414 now contains some screenshots of our recent Friday Zoom meetings. These screenshots were supplied by Robbie Dempsey. Thank you Robbie.  At the bottom of the page we have added a permanent link to our Zoom meeting which are open to all Pelicans. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

January 21st 2021

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Fr. Marcel Boivin M.Afr. Marcel, although a Canadian, spent time on the staff at Totteridge and was known to many of the Pelicans from the early sixties. Marcel passed away at the Maison Michel-Sarazinde care home in Quebec City on January 19th 2021.  May he rest in peace.


January 18th 2021

It will be noticed that our 'donated to date' has dropped to £114.00.  This is due to a recent bill payment of £38 for domain (thepelicans.org.uk) registration (£12 +tax) and web site security (£22 +tax).  This £114 leaves us in good stead for next January's big bill of about £168 which, apart from the annual items (domain registration & web security) will include the cost of hosting for the subsequent 3 years.  We anticipate the current £114 will reach, at least, £125 by then, based on the current on-going contributions we receive, so we will only have another £43 to add to the kitty to pay that bill.  Then we start all over again (see donate details).  We thank everyone who has and will contribute to keeping The Pelicans alive and well.

Don't forget our weekly Zoom meeting have resumed.  For details see the post for January 5th 2021 below.


January 5th. 2021

Just a note from Michael Goodstadt to remind us that our weekly Zoom gatherings will resume on Friday (8th).

"Hi everyone:

This is a REMINDER:  re. Ex-WF Students.
Our next meeting will be this Friday, January 8, 2021, at 11:00am (Canada/US Eastern Time), 4:00pm (UK time).
The link for our weekly Zoom meetings is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88394003195?pwd=L0F0Z3RIbjQ0Mi9ta0lrN0NJbFlJdz0

Every best wish and blessing for you and yours throughout the coming year, 2021.

Stay safe, stay well, and stay in peace.