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27th November 2015

• I'm pleased to let you know that recent problems with the site have been solved.

Firstly, the Pelicans'email facility is now functioning properly. (webteam@thepelicans.org.uk).
Google made some rather unnecesary changes which left thousands of hotmail users unable to access their current and historic emails — leaving many with no hope of restoring the situation. On top of this, on-screen intructions are in Arabic (?) Thank you, Daniel, for persevering with this.

Secondly, the contacts section can now be accessed, as before, using the original security passcodes. (Please email me if you need help with this). After much agonising (and near-despair!), it was discoved that the fault lay with the host server. Thank you,Morgan, for your help with this.

It has been pointed out that some of the contacts data is out-of-date — to which I rely "Really? Can this be possible? Doesn't everyone who uses the Pelicans' website lets me know when they change their personal contact info? And is it true that the details of someone who died 15 years ago is still represented in this contacts section? Fifteen (15) years, you say? In the year that the site was lauched? And you didn't let me know when you came across this?"

Perhaps I should write to each 'Pelican' to find out whether they are still living at their recorded address. How does that work? Maybe I ought to send them an email instead. No, same problem . . .

Thirdly, the Message Board works perfectly well but but there is a glitch which can only be put right by BraveNet (the providers of this facility). Every message posted is partially duplicated for some reason. And although BraveNet's editing facility includes copious 'FAQs', none deal with this anomaly. I'm afraid we will have to live with this until the providers test their software.

1st October 2015

• If you have been looking at the Message Board lately, you will have read the recent posting by Tony Smyth:

"As you may recall from some of my previous contributions I spent a very happy summer in 1973 as a counsellor at Camp Lavigerie, a family camp run by the White Fathers in Onchiota, NY. Well I recently came across an article on the web by way of the White Fathers/Camp Lavigerie group on facebook, which I thought would be good to share with other Pelicans, especially those who may have attended the scholasticate in Vanier (Eastview), as, I am sure, a fair number of them may have also served at Camp Lavigerie".

Click below to view this article:


Thank you for this, Tony — and for your patience.

17th September 2015

• The recent get-together at St Boswell's revealled that the graves of Frs Drost, Rijkers and Griffin have fallen into complete disrepair. Those of us who visited the site on the occasion of theWFs' centenary celebrarions (2012) will be surprised that this level of degradation has occured in such a short time.

Go to the APPEALS section to read of an initiative by Mike Ellis and friends to do something about this.

3rd September 2015 (Thursday again}

• Go to the latest entry in the Reunions section (left) to find a report and photos presented by several people who attended
the recent get-toghether at St Boswell's. Thanks are due again to Mike Ellis for arranging this.

20th August 2015 (Thursday}

• Fifteen (15) years ago, my son Daniel sat at this very desk, helping me set up the Pelicans' website.

He is back here again today, trying to solve the 'Missing link' — a problem created when Google took over the picassaweb file-hosting service.

You may have discovered that certain links in the Reunions section no longer work. Where I have provided 'picassaweb links' to three (3) large batches of photos taken at The White Fathers' Centenary Celibrations, there is no response.

We've discovered that large numbers of people have encountered the same problem — so I'll let you know when a solution is found and implemented.

9th August 2015 (Sunday}

• Back at my desk after a long vacation, looking forward to getting the site up-to-date.

It was good to hear that the recent get-together was so successful — thanks, in particular, to the hard work and careful planning by Mike Ellis. Thirty four (34) people attended, most of whom travelled a great distance to be there!

Email me with details if you have photos of the event that you would like to share. I would prefer that you give me a link to where you have stored then, e.g. on a facebook page, a picasaweb file etc. I will then make sure that visitors to the site can view them.

This will save me a lot of time/ work and at the same time keep the ever-expanding size of the website in check.

• As you may have seen (below), Maurice Billingsley notified us of the death of Godfrey Tortoleno, a former White Father student who spent time at The Priory (1950-53) and Broome Hall (1954-54). Go to Page 22 of the OBITUARIES section to read details of Godfrey's funeral and loving eulogy.

Many thanks, Maurice.

• In case you have not visited the Message Board recently, here is an entry by Chris Benton (July 25th):

"Lionel Holland, Edwin Cherrey, Chris Benton and wives will be visiting St Boswells weekend
Fri Aug 14th - Mon Aug 17th 2015., any Pelicans in the area at this time are most welcome to join us

21st May 2015 (Thursday}

• The eagle-eyed Maurice Billingsley has tracked information about the offer-for-sale of what was formerly known as "OAK LODGE". If you once spent time within its hallowed walls you will be astonished to learn that it is now on the market as 48 Totteridge Common for a staggering £16m!

To be fair, the developers (Octagon), have done more than just give the building a lick of paint. The Metro Property article of May 12th lists  the following features that you would be getting for your money:

• Three acres of private grounds • Dougle-height entrance halls• Temperature-controlled wine cellar • Family room, drawing room, formal dining room and library • Two kitchens - one domestic and the other commercial • A bar and fully-equipped 14-seat cinema with 65" plasma TV screen • Five ensuite bedrooms •  Under-floor heating throughout • Swimming pool complex with gym and steam room • Art-Deco-style interiors by top designer Rachel Beckett • Separate two-bedroom staff apartment with side entrannce  •Electronic solid wood gate to main and side entrances with with video-controlled entry  •Integral garage for 4 cars and detached garage for 2 cars.

I am unable to make a decent scan of the article but for more information and photos click on the following link:


Thanks once again, Maurice.

12th February 2015 (Thursday}

• You may have heard that Mike Ellis has proposed a get-together at St Boswell's in July. If this is the first that you have heard of it, please accept my apologies. There has already been an enthusiastic response, so click here to see the details and decide whether you'd like to add you name to the list of 20+ who have already asked to be included.

• Some time back I observed that as you get older it always seems be Thursday.
  Notice how today is yet more proof of this.
  Spooky or what?

18th January 2015

• You will find an entry in the OBITUARIES section that records the life of Fr Kevin O'Mahoney, who died recently. Please email me if you wish to add a photo / reminiscence.

• Most of the outstanding material is now covered. I will return next weekend to look at what seems to be an avalanche from the Netherlands . . .

17th January 2015

• I have opened an introductory record in the OBITUARIES section to mark the passing of Pauline Menzies and John Byrne. (page 22)

If you have anything to add, please send it to me by email.

15th January 2015

• Please take time to read Fr David Cullen's latest letter, which is now displayed in the APPEALS section. This was sent to Robbie Dempsey before the New Year, so I apologise for the unavoidable delay.

• The funeral of Pauline Menzies took place in the heart of Shropshire country — a lovely setting for a sad but celebratory service. The church was full of family and friends — including several 'Pelicans' and Fr Frank Nolan MAfr. If you have anytingthat you would like me to publish in the OBITUARIES section, please send it to me by email.

9th January 2015

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Missonaires of Africa - IRELAND <provirl@indigo.ie>
To: Buckmaster Ian <ianmafr@yahoo.ie>
Sent: Thursday, 8 January 2015, 19:10:00
Subject: John Byrne RIP

Dear Ian,
We received the sad news this morning that John Byrne died this morning in the Hospice, Harolds, Cross. His funeral will take place on Monday @12.00pm and the family want to hold the funeral mass in our place.

Concerning Kevin RIP, there will a mass of remembrance in Araglin on Wednesday 14th January @ 7.30pm, Neil will attend as I have a doctor’s appointment.

Hope you are doing fine, Eddie helped us out greatly

Email from Ian Buckmaster, M.Afr

Dear All

I am forwarding the following message that I received from Fr. PJ Cassidy this morning. I know that John kept up a contact with the Pelicans over the years. He had an operation for a brain tumour a number of years ago and had some years of respite. However over the last few months his health got worse and he was beginning to lose mobility. He was in regular contact with me over the years but he had also close contacts with Templeogue.

Fr. Kevin O'Mahoney otherwise known as 'Pancho' died in Adigrat Ethiopia last week. His funeral took place on Monday January 5th in Adigrat. He was 84 years and a bit and was a member of the White Fathers for 62 years. Some of the elders among you may remember him as a Philosophy teacher in Blacklion until his departure for Ethiopia in 1966. He remained there for the rest of his life apart from 6 years as Irish Provincial from 1994 to 2000.

God bless

Ian Buckmaster, M.Afr

8th January 2015

• At the start of each year I archive all 'Updates' and Messages, storing them as Appendices under the names of 'The Website Diary' and 'The Message Bank', respectively. Both archives are now up-to-date and ready for you to view.

6th January 2015

• After a long delay, the Quick Search faclity is now ready to use. This version is very fast and seaches the whole of the site, not just selective parts such as the GALLERY. Oviously, it still can't find items that aren't labelled, so your help is still required in naming faces and places.

See Maurice's observations on GALLERY Page 115, as a great example of this. (sent today). .

5th January 2015

• Sad news today: Pauline, wife of Pat Menzies, died last week after a long illness. Her funeral will be held next week (13th January) at 2.00 pm in the village of Faulds Green, Shropshire. Further details to follow. (I hope to attend, as one of several other 'Pelicans').

Pat asks that you will continue to remember Pauline in your prayers.

3rd January 2015

• If you knew Mike Kelly and/ or Richard Calcutt you will be interested in the latest contribution
by Maurice Billingskey — now on display in the GALLERY (PAGE 422).