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6th December 2012 

Peter Finn has sent us some photos that he took when visiting the White Fathers' UK Province in London (August 2012). These can be found on GALLERY Page 405. (Thank you, Peter)

Fr Chris Wallbank would be happy to host a 'Pelican' reunion at Little Ealing Lane next year. Details of this one-day event have yet to be arranged. Please let me know if this would be of interest to you.

2nd December 2012 

You'll find the content of the APPEALS section quite dramatically pared down today.

As a general rule, I don't remove historic material: the site also functions as a sort of archive, enabling both both old and new 'visitors' to track back on items that are of interest. However, much of the APPEALS section had become very out-of-date, making it look uncare-for.

Don't forget to go there and read the latest email from Fr Dave Cullen — the man who always takes time to say thank-you for your generous donations and to explain how these eseential funds are judiciously spent.

27th November 2012 

Maurice Billingsley has come across another interesting link on the international website of the White Fathers (MAfr) : http://www.africamission-mafr.org/lavigeriegb.htm

This takes you to a page-full of links to various publications relating to Cardinal Lavigerie and the history of the WFs.

I have added this to the LINKS Appendix under the heading of 'Useful sources of research material relating to the White Fathers' — alongside the other pointer that Pat McHale provided some time ago.

Many thanks, Maurice.

25th November 2012 

Terry Lilley (St Columba's 1950-54) has contributed three photos from that period. These are now on display in GALLERY Page 404.

Are any of you in touch with the lads that are featured :
Francis Fairney, Nicholas Muller, Anthony O'Gorman, Terry Lilley, Francis Ryan and Patrick MacDonald?

Our thanks to Terry for tsome more 'missing jigsaw pieces'.

17th November 2012 

Maurice Billingsley sent me the ordination card of Gerry Wynne — now added to Gerry's obituary. Gerry was ordained February 1st 1961.

Robbie Dempsey writes:
"Hi Maurice, I recognised the Good Shepherd picture all right, as I also once had that card. The strangest thing I recall about Gerry Wynne's ordination Feb 1961 is the presence of some Scholastics from Totteridge in particular Eugene MacBride. I later met him again via the Priory trip to Totteridge."

Mike Ellis writes : "I remember this very well as I was in the choir at that time! "

Thanks to Maurice and all.

16th November 2012 

The Danby Hall section has been re-vamped to make it easier to use AND to include the article that Michael Gallagher discovered (an obituary of Simon Scrope and a history of the Scrope family).

The Student Listings now includes a record of Danby Hall students.

15th November 2012 

Maurice Billingsley, a regular contributor to our website, has identified most of the photo entitled 'Blacklion group 1968' in GALLERY Page 39 . Apparently, there is a colour version of this photo — which may be in better condition than the one on display. Have you got a copy that I could borrow, please?

Michael Gallagher writes today :
I stumbled across this article taken from the Daily Telegraph in 2010 which may be of interest.
The link is http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/7607958/Simon-Scrope.htm#

It is basically an obituary for Simon Scrope (pronounced SCROOP) who was head of the family
who own Danby Hall but it has some interesting facts about Danby Hall itself and also about
the history of the Scrope family which may be of interest to other visitors to The Pelicans Website.

Thank you for these contributions, Mike and Maurice.

9th November 2012  Blacklion group 1968

Martin Dunlop of The Scottish Catholic Observer kindly gave me permission to reproduce his account of the Centenary Celebrations at Galashiels earlier this year. It also includes the work of freelance photographer Paul McSherry. Go to the REUNIONS section to view this article.

5th November 2012

I came across a very interesting blog about the late Bishop Frank Walsh WF which you might like to see:


The author, Canon Jim Foley, has kindly allowed me to copy all or part of it, so at the very least I will be adding his website's address to an appropriate Page of the HISTORIES section.

Whenever I find a substantial / substantive article which I think might be of real interest to visitors to our website I always ask permission (where possible) if I wish to copy all or some of it. Mostly, this approach is much appreciated; the reasonable stipulation is that I should acknowledge the source.

I was on the receiving end (again) this week when I happened upon a website named zoominfo:


If the material seems familiar, don't be suprised : you'll find most of it in the HISTORIES section.

At the top of Page 1 it reads: 'This profile was last updated on 1/4/10 and contains information from public web pages'.

Some links to the Pelicans' website are provided but this is not the same as asking for permission. What do you think?

29th October 2012

Fr David Cullen's latest letter from Chipata, Zambia, is now displayed in the APPEALS sectionHave you got a few minutes to read it?

Over the years Fr Cullen has taken great pains to keep us informed of his missionary life in Zambia — and has always expressed his gratitute to those who have donated funds to help him in his work. If you feel able to send him money in the weeks leading to Christmas, please contact Pat Gibbons, our Treasurer.

28th October 2012

You may remember that on November 4th 1956, the Soviets moved into Hungary to crush the People's Revolution — and we at The Priory thought the world would end in all-out nuclear war when the US and Western allies challenged the Soviets.

Happily, Eric Creaney and the rest of us Priorians survived to hear another "Benedicamus Domine" but in 1962 Eric suffered a similar doomsday scenario when he was a student at Totteridge. Go to the REMINISCENCES Appendix to "Read all about it". (see 'MAD Day')

23rd October 2012

Bob Hughes, a prominent member of Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church at Heston, kindly sent me a large batch of photos that he took on July 4th when the WFs celebrated their centenary at his church. You can find them by going to the REUNIONS section.

I have identified and added labels to many of these photos but will need further help from Bob and other parishioners such as David Rose, Andrew Rampling, Brendon and Pamela Scanlon.

In the meantime, MANY THANKS BOB.

• I disappeared for some time recently to do some much-needed website 'housekeeping'. I've now waded through the GALLERY's 400+ pages with a broom and duster, standardising the look of each page and making sure that links are up-to-date. Now, given that you should never do your own proof-reading, I'd be grateful if you would notify me if I've missed anything.

It was very disappointing to find so many requests for information that have gone unheeded. There have been a huge number of generous contributions, I must add, but there are still many pages of people who have not yet been identified. May I ask you, therefore, to work your way through the GALLERY to see if you can spot any additions or amendments that you could make — and email the information to me (Paul West).

9th October 2012

Charlie Bingham got in touch with Eric Creaney so that he could get in touch with Mike Mearns.

Charlie also sent 3 photos to me, via Eric. These are now displayed on GALLERY Page 404.

Charlie's up-to-date email address etc can now be found in the CONTACTS section.

6th October 2012

A week ago, I met up with Mike Mearns and his wife Kay at a service station on the M56. They were heading south, hoping to visit Cornwall and devon, before travelling back to Manchester and on to Canada where they live. They intended to contact Charlie Bingham (in Bude) but emails and telephone calls yielded nothing — so I wonder if we now have his current contact details.

Are you able to help with this? Charlie was a contemporary of ours and it would be good to catch up with him.

SHOCK HORROR: the 'traffic counter' that I have used for over a decade has not been working properly. It should be counting the number of people who visit our website, whether they are newcomers or people who have visited before. For some time now I have been wondering why we are having so few visitors.

My son, Morgan, has been been doing some investigation for me and has discovered that this year alone we have had 33,000 visits to date, 19,000+ of which have been 'first-time' visitors.

Our Bravenet counter has only registered 88,769 for the whole of the 12-year period — but if we extrapolate from this year's figures, it should read at least 350,000.

I feel rather let down over this and will soon be replacing it with something which reflects the amount of 'traffic' with more accuracy.

Note: first-time visitors are not necessarily 'Pelicans', as such. They may be 'surfers' who have done a 'Google Search' and have chosen to investigate further. All visitors are welcome, of course.

25th September 2012

The website has been going for 12 years but I'm always hoping that there'll be a flood of 'newcomers' to the site. In the past couple of years I'd guess that we have heard from less than a handful of such people.

But hold the front page: we've added another one to our ranks :

Tome Dooley, who started life with the WFs at St Columba's in 1956 and stayed the course until 1963 at Blacklion. Originally he came from the diocese of Ilford in Essex; now, he lives in the Western Cape of South Africa.

You'll find his email address in the CONTACTS section, and while you are there, please check that I still have your most recent contact details.

23rd September 2012

Maurice Billingsley sent me a letter from his friend Fr Zacharie Sorgho (in Mali) which I felt belonged in the APPEALS section. See what you think.

20th September 2012

The sad passing of our contemporary, Patrick Southall, has been posted on the Message Board by PJ (Paddy) Byrne, his cousin — and duly noted in the OBITUARIES section. Please send me any memories that you have of Pat so that we can give him the recognition that he deserves.

18th September 2012

Morgan has moved the website to a new server (remote hard disk) and you may notice that response times are much faster.

He has asked me to check that everything is still intact, so please let me know if you spot anything amiss. (Not likely, in fact).

16th September 2012

Go to the APPEALS section to see the latest letter sent by Fr David Cullen to Robbie Dempsey.

13th September 2012

Go to the REUNIONS section to view photos of the recent celebrations at Galashiels and a 'Personal Reflection' by Peter Jennings.

Thanks are due to Paul Fletcher, Vincent Martin and Peter Jennings.

12th September 2012

Have you read the Message Board this week? Here's the latest entry —— from Chris Benton:

"Following the Centenary Masses at Bishops Waltham and Galashiels, I was asked if another reunion at St Boswells was planned. I am happy to arrange for St Columba's to be opened for a couple of hours if sufficient number of Pelicans will attend. I am thinking a weekend in April May or June 2013., though it doesn't necessarily have to be these months. Please let me know if you are interested and which weekend of which month you prefer.

Chris Benton

9th September 2012

Things have been a little hectic since Galashiels and this week I have visitors to stay. I will certainly be able to update the site this time next week. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

11th August 2012 already, so where is Summer?

Patricia Hawkins de Medina has several times contributed to our website. (You may have known her father, Dr Hawkins, the local GP for St Augustine's, Blacklion). She recently came across a book with a rather controversial title which she thought you might find enlightening : "Where the Hell is God?" by Fr Richard Leonard SJ

I've included an extract by Fr Leonard in the PUBLICATIONS APPENDIX — which makes very interesting reading.

Thank you, again, Patricia.

• Message from Joan, the secretary at Rutherglen:
"Fr George has asked me to contact you to advise you that both the coach from Rutherglen and the restaurant are fully booked for the celebrations on 26th August 2012."


29th July 2012

Are you up-to-date with recent additions to the Sounds Familiar Appendix? Today, I have added three pieces which I hope you will enjoy.

This 'Sounds Familiar' Appendix was begun in 2000 and there are now 120+ entries — and all but a handful of them has ever been requested by visitors to the site!

Have a look at the list TODAY and let me know if there is a favourite that I might have missed.

28th July 2012

• I have just received details of people who have notified Fr George Smith that they will be attending the Centenary Celebrations at Galashiels (August 26th). Please let him know asap if you would like to be added to the list.

I hope that we will see many of our Scottish contemporaries on this third and final event. Let's face it: there won't be many more such occasions on which to meet up with old friends. It was good to see the dozen or so 'Pelicans' who turned up at Bishop's Waltham recently — though this was only a tiny fraction of the hundreds of people who passed through the Priory Gates during its history.

Fr Mike Targett has corrected the dates relating to Broome Hall . I am grateful to him for waiting for me so long to make this amendment.

• During the coming week I will catch up with some long-outstanding emails. Thank you for your patience.

6th July 2012

• Before you ask : yes, the centenary celebration at Heston was a great success. It took place late on a Wednesday afternoon and yet the large church was more than three quarters full.

What a great welcome to the Missionaries of Africa who built the original parish from scratch all those years ago!

The Parish Committee and Fr Simon (pp) had worked hard to ensure that it was a grand occasion. In attendance, there was a large contingent of White Fathers, wearing their traditional garb and making an impressive appearance as they processed from the rear of the church, followed by Bishop Hopes.

As sole representative of the Pelicans*, I was too busy to take photos of the occasion, but Brother Nicholas MAfr and
a member of the parish Centenary Committee fully covered the service. In due course, I will be providing a link to the photos they took (as before, with those from the BW occasion).

• On my return, Robbie Demspey sent me a set of 12 photos in connection with a recent Pelican mini-reunion that occurred in Glasgow on the 27th-June-2012. They are now displayed on GALLERY Page 403.

These 'mini-reunions' — mostly made up of peer-groups and not involving too much organisation— are certainly proving to be the way ahead. So, many thanks, Robbie, for keeping us posted.

*John and Margaret Morton and Peter Finn had been hoping to attend but at the last minute all three were unable to make it.

1st July 2012

• In the OBITUARIES section you will find an entry to mark the life of Fr Piet van Spaandonk, for which we thank Fr FC van Vlijmen and Tom Canning (a great admirer of Fr Spaandonk).

Fr Frits, who was ordained at Galashiels in 1956, has kindly contributed photos taken during that period.

  (See GALLERY Page 403).

He remembers with great fondness his time at Monteviot (1955-1956), London (1956-1957), St. Andrews (1957-1960).

He writes : Why is Palace Court not part of your picture gallery? Where is St Andrews? Where Holland Villas?

Good question!

15th June 2012

Fr David Cullen's most recent letter to Robbie Dempsey can now be read via the APPEALS section . (Sorry about the delay, Robbie).

Fr David is over here in the UK for few weeks. If you want to get in touch with him you might find him at 64 Little Ealing Lane, London W5 4XF (tel: 0208 799 5013).

14th June 2012

•The second batch of photos of the recent BW celebration were taken by Andy Hauschild. Once again, they are available via Google's Picasaweb facility.

Click here to view them.

Our thanks must go to Peter Finn,again, who worked with Terry Butler, Fr Chris Wallbank and others to make this such a successful event.

11th June 2012

•There were 3 'official photographers' at the recent celebrations at Bishop's Walthm, with Magaret Morton acting on our behalf.

To avoid further delay I decided to store them on Google's Picasaweb photo-sharing facility — and at a later date I will select some of these photos for the website.

You can view Margaret's photos by clicking here.

Maraget also took video footage of event and I'm am currently getting this ready for the site.

A big thank-you to Margaret, once again.

6th June 2012

Maguerite Boutler, who attended the Centenary Celebrations at Bishop's Waltham, knew Fr Tony Hames WF when he was serving in Zambia. She has already sent me two photos from that time. These can now be seen on GALLERY Page 402 and also in the Heston Appendix. (He was Parish Priest at Heston 1951 - 57).

Chris Benton has left some more information about the Galashiels centenary celebration on the Message Board — which I have also included on the Welcome Page.

5th June 2012

Andrew Rampling informs me that Bishop Alan Hopes, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, will be the celebrant at the 6pm Mass at Heston Parish on 4th July.  Some will also know him as the titular Bishop of Cuncacestre.

30th May 2012

David Rose — a Heston Parishioner and longtime supporter of our website — has been busy cleaning up the area around the grave of Fr Scriven, author of the WOPSY books (and others).

Fr Scriven
died 1949 whilst serving at Heston parish. He was buried in the neighbouring churchyard of St Leonard's, presumably because the White Fathers had yet to purchase their own graveyard at St Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Kensal Rise, London.

Go to the OBITUARIES section to see the photo of the grave that David sent me.

If you have more information about Fr Scriven that I could use, please email it to me (Paul West).

In the meantime, our thanks to David for the effort he has made on our behalf.

29th May 2012

There are several people who deserve our thanks for making this weekend at Bishop's Waltham so memorable : Peter Finn, John Morton, Terry Butler, many other BW parishioners, Fr John Buckley, Fr Chris Wallbank and others that I have unwittingly forgotten.

Fellow Pelicans would like to acknowledge that Peter (Finn) took most of the responsibility on our behalf.

At a guess, several hundred photos were taken (!) and many of these will no doubt be winging their way to me over the next week or so. I will get them up and running on the website asap.

Please read the notice on the WELCOME Page regarding forthcoming celebrations at Heston and Galashiels

If your satnav system went haywire over the weekend (as mine did), two possible causes are:

a) the satellite signals were disrupted by the recent spate of very active solar flares

and / or

b) it was affected by the heatwave. Most satnavs are stuck to the car windscreen; the glass magnifies the light from the sun and may damage the lithium-ion battery.

On returning home on Sunday, my first sign of trouble occurred when it took an hour of cross-farmland-and several-small-villages to get from Bishop's Waltham's High Street back to Bishop's Waltham's High Street. (This is not a typing error).

22nd May 2012

IF YOU have hung on to your copies of the WOPSY stories, written by Fr Gerard Scriven — or wish you had — you might like to check out eBay (!)

IF YOU don't know what I am writing about, go to Page 35 of the HISTORIES section.

Or click on the HESTON PARISH Appendix, to which it has just been added.

8th May 2012

Michael Goodstadt has found time to wrire a fond tribute to Fr Bill Lynch, who died last August. You'll find this in the OBITUARIES section or by clicking here. I'd be grateful for any memories that you might have of Fr Bill (known to ex-Priorans as the teacher of Mathematics who succeeded Fr Dickson).

Mike also sent me an item for the REMINISCENCES section, entitled 'Lasting Impressions'. (see this in the Reminiscences Appendix or just click here).
(See also Mike's addition to the Message Board).

Many thanks for this, Michael

Just for the record, yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK and most of us stayed indoors, scanning the horizon for any sign that it was safe to go out.
Question: how do they manage to set public holiday dates in advance so that they always fall on days when the weather is atrocious?

Or did I miss that episode of the X Files?

28th April 2012

Andrew Rampling is one of the Heston Parishioners from the days when it was run by the White Fathers.

He has recently undertaken labourious research into those heady days, spending hours searching though the micro-fiche records at Hounslow Library and tracking down anything about the parish that was published in the Middlesex Chronicle. (This newspaper covered that part of West London — including the village of Heston).

As a consequence, the Heston Parish Appendix has undergone a re-vamp to accommodate the mass of new material.

Part of the reason for this flurry of activity is the fact that the parish of Heston are determined to put on a good show when the White Fathers descend on their church for their second Centenary Celebration (July 4th).

As you may have read before, the White Fathers created the parish at Heston and ran it very successfully for 30+ years — and the new material bears further
witness to this achievement.

I am very grateful to Andrew for his recent efforts and generous co-operation.

Go to the Heston Appendix (left) to see the changes.

19th April 2012

Peter Finn has kindly provided me with a current list of those who hope to attend next month's celebrations:

Benton, Chris Benton, Josie
Billingsley, Janet Billingsley, Maurice
Boulter, Marguerite  
Cooper, Chris Cooper, Mary
Dawson, John Paul Dawson, Sylvia
Deeney, John Deeney, Maureen
Finn, Peter  
Gibbons, Norma Gibbons, Patrick
Gormley, Owen Gormley, Susan
Holland, Lionel Holland, Mary
McVey, Hugh  
Melling, Bernard  
Morton, John Morton, Margaret
Nimmo-Scott, Bill Nimmo-Scott, Karen
Onienkyu, Fr Francis Freeman  
Smyth, Tony  
Vale-Humphreys, Edith Vale-Humphreys, Peter
West, Paul  

Here's hoping that even more will make a decision to make the trip!

6th April 2012

John Morton tells me that the Mass due to be held at Bishop's Waltham next month (26/27th May) as part of the centenary celebrations will include an opportunity for Pelicans and others to sing two favourites from the past : Sancta Maria and Salve Regina.

The White Fathers have a close and lengthy relationship with both pieces of music, which many will remember were a regular part of devotions in White Father seminaries. John recently discovered more about his link with Sancta Maria when searching the White Fathers' international website.

To read about this and to refresh your memory, go to the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix, where you will find both words and music.

19th March 2012

We have another item for the REMINISCENCES Appendix* :

"A Seasonal ReminIscence" by Gerry Leneghan.

Well, it was seasonal when Gerry first sent it to me. This one got lost in the Christmas post. We now have about 40 items in this part of the website — and I just wish there were many more. Simple, short stories that bring this website to life.

Thanks, again, Gerry, and again for the two photos that I have filed in the DANBY HALL Appendix. They feature Gerry, Jim Fairlamb and John Brighouse.

It would be nice to think that somewhere out there Jim or John's friends / relatives happened upon these photos and as a consequence two more people got in touch. Having said that, there would much rejoicing when just one of them is found.

* I struggle with that spelling every time and wish I had chosen an easier name for it.

15th March 2012

Have you noticed that it's always Thursday — or is it just me? The weeks seem to fly by, the seasons merge into one and the world seems to be trundling along quite well without me (!)*

If you, too, are near the top of that same, slow roller-coaster, take a look at two updates that will wind the clock back a bit and slow down the inevitable. Go to the MESSAGE BANK and work your way from postings made in the year 2000 and onwards to last December. Afterwards, check out the decade of UPDATES (now updated) starting from 2,000.

*The medics probably refer to this as a 'post-life crisis'.

14th March 2012

The Index for GALLERY Pages 350 - 400 is now ready.

For some people, the Indexes have proved to be useful in tracking down people and places. Now that the GALLERY is so large — and it isn't/can't be laid out in a chronological, alphabetical or other sequential order — there is even more need for good search facilities. Hopefully, these Indexes and the QUICK SEARCH facility do the job adequately enough.

• Please check that your details held in the CONTACTS section are correct and let me know asap if amendments are required.

13th March 2012

• Preparations are also underway at Heston Parish for a celebration of the 40 years in which the parish was created and run by the White Fathers. On Wednesday 4th July there will there will be a celebratory Mass at Our Lady Queen of Apostles, followed by a reception.

Andrew Rampling, David Rose and other members of the parish are currently meeting to make plans for the event. There will also be an exhibition of photos and memorabilia from that period. I am hoping that there will be an oportunity for people to view our website and, perhaps, donate items that can be incorporated into the Heston Parish Appendix.

If you go to that Appendix and follow the link entitled 'White Fathers and White Sisters you may have known' you will see that it is re-vamped and includes 3 photos that were sent to me by Fr Alwyn Shorter.

11th March 2012

• Fr Albert Nyssens obviously made a deep impressin on his students. Have a look at the additional comments and photo that Michael Gallagher contributed to his eulogy by going to Page 19 of the OBITUARIES section or by clicking here.

• I have replaced the photo of Mrs Verna Burdett Clark that was attached to her eulogy. 
  To view this, go to to Page 18 of the OBITUARIES section or click here.

9th March 2012

• I am grateful to Maurice Billingsley for alerting me to the deaths of Fr Bernard Mangematin and Fr Albert Nyssens. Their obituaries are now displayed on Page 19 of the OBITUARIES section. (Click here to go there directly).

As always, we are indebted to the White Fathers for allowing us to reproduce material.

8th March 2012

• A while ago, Winfried Hartwig emailed two typewritten pages of Totteridge staff and student listings from 1970. This is a wonderful discovery that he made, and I wish that it hadn't taken me so long to get them on to the website.

The listings contributed by Winfried and Peter Finn have now been combined and you can get access to all this information via the St Edward's Appendix (see left) or by clicking here.

Thank you, Oskar
— have you got any more gems like these?

6th March 2012

Peter Finn has written another best-seller : a 36-page booklet entitled 'The Catholic community at Bishop's Waltham' — just in time for the Centenary celebrations. Go to the Publications Appendix to see the detail.

When Peter wrote the excellent History of The Priory, Bishop's Waltham it sold out very quickly, so it may be wise to act swiftly and order a copy of his latest work asap.

5th March 2012

• We start this week with a letter from Fr David Cullen WF recently sent to Robbie Dempsey. These regular letters are always inspirational and a useful way of 'touching base' if you need to be reminded of what life is like for some of the poorest. You'll find the letter in the Appeals section or just by clicking here.

• The Sounds Familiar Appendix has another entry in the Hymn section : "I watch the sunrise". This week it also features on the website's WELCOME PAGE.

21st February 2012

• Spring is not far off : I can even detect green shoots forming on the website, after a rather bleak winter.

• Some time ago Peter Finn sent me news of the passing of Verna Burdett-Clark. Many of you who have spent time at The Priory will remember
this strong supporter of The Pelicans. You can find a brief memory of her on Page 18 of the Obituaries section — but I have still not tracked down a lovely photo that I took of Verna at the reunion in 2008.

Have you got a photo that I could use in the meantime?

More to come — and soon. Thank you for your patience.

30th January 2012

In time for the Centenary Celebrations, JJ Deeney has given us a photo from 1962 — of the Golden Anniversary celebration on the front lawn of the White Fathers' House at The Priory. This is added to GALLERY Page 400.

• Go to the 'Births, Deaths and Marriages section' of the PASSITON Appendix to see two additions which you might find useful during a time of bereavement.

• Over the coming weeks I will undertaking end-of-year tidying-up of the website, after a long period of being out of action. This will include the filing of this UPDATE Page, updated Indexes etc.

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List of people who have notified Fr George Smith that they will be attending
(as at 28th July 2012):

Mary Sutherland
Morag Bayne + 1
Eileen Wilson
Roseanne Swinbourne
E Penderson
Ceilia Greenan + 3
Monica Toner + 1
John + Sandra Smith
Pat Deighan
Anne Gorman
Joe + Margaret Devanney + 3
Liam McKenna + 1
Maureen + Charlie Chambers
Cathy + Gerry Smyth
Teresa McKenna
Joe + Cathy Kane
Celia Greenan + 1
Joe McCaughan + 1
Hugh McVey
Margaret + Fay
Brendan + Joan
Frs George, Donald, Pat + Eugene
Eammon Duke
Fr Hugh + Pat Seenan
Vincent Martin
Aleksander Bialenski

Anne + Pat Smith
Fr Steve, Joe + Carer
Caroline White + 10
Pat + Ann Stones
Mike + Margaret Murphy
Margaret Hanlon
Christine Haselgrave
Margaret Devanney + 3
Paul West
Edwin Cherry + 1
Fr Dick Kinlen
Chris Benton + Josie
Cardinal O’Brian
Dom Cuthbert Johnson
J Cummings (of Kirkcaldy)
J & M Grierson
Max Velino & 2
John G Fleming

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