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11th December 2011

Fr Chris Wallbank MAfr has written an inspiring obituary for his colleague, Fr John O'Donohue RIP. Go to Page 18 of the OBITUARIES section for a fresh insight into the man you may have known.

My thanks to Maurice for alerting me to this additional tribute.

7th December 2011

• If you were at Broome Hall in the sixties you may well have met Mrs Anne Scott, the Cook, and her daughters. Susanne Lamb has shed more light on one of the photos on GALLERY Page 34 which might trigger a memory of two that you can share with us.

• There are 2 more photos displayed in GALLERY Page 401, from Owen Gormley via Robbie Dempsey.

Thanks to you both.

6th December 2011

• Many of you will know that Eric and Patricia Creaney suffered a sad loss recently with the death of their son Jon-Marc. In the OBITUARIES section I have included a tribute that was sent to me by Eric. These are raw days for his family, of course, but you may be able to find some words of comfort that might help them. (click here)

3rd December 2011

•There are 6 photos now displayed on GALLERY Page 401 that were sent to me by Mike Mearns (all the way from Alberta, Canada).

Mike has already handed over a lot of material for our website, so it took me by surprise when he came up with these. And he tells me that there is more to come when he finds time to write.

Excellente, Mike!  (And muchos gratias, of course).

1st December 2011

Michael Gallagher has been most grateful for the response to his recent appeal. He's is hoping for one last push to help his old WF contemporaries : Frank Barnes, Richard Sloan and Terry Madden.

Please click here to
see if you can spare an extra Christmas present for this worthy cause.

30th November 2011

Michael Gallagher has found a photo of Form5L at St John's, Southsea — dated 1968. This has been added to Cedric's photos on GALLERY Page 400.

Just be kind to yourself when you look at these fresh-faced images — it was more than 40 years ago, after all.

Our thanks again to Michael and Cedric for reminding us.

27th November 2011

Cedric Pollard has sent us a photo of the class of 1967 at St John's, Southsea — for which we need help with identifying faces.

Go to GALLERY Page 400 for this.

He has also added to the number of photos that we have of scenes from Jean Anouilh's 'The Lark'
which was performed at The Priory in 1964.  I've added this to the others which were already displayed on Page 23 of the HISTORIES section.

Thank you, Cedric. (His details are in the CONTACTS section).

20th November 2011

• We have some more photo-memories from Maurice Billingsley : see GALLERY Page 399.

Thank you, Maurice, once again.

It has been suggested that people may not realise that they can contribute to ANY part of the website. I'm sorry, though astonished, if I have given you that impression over the years.

EVERYONE has a story to tell that would make our REMINISCENCES even more interesting
— or a tip that they could add to PASS-IT-ON
— or a piece of musice for SOUNDS FAMILIAR
—or a website that might interest a lot of people that could be added to our LINKS Appendix
— or a photo for the GALLERY.

Your contributions are very welcome, so please send me something for the website asap.

19th November 2011

Patricia Hawkins de Medina has added another piece of music to our Sounds Familiar Appendix:
"I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls" sung by Lim Hyung Joo live from Seoul in 2005

Thank you, once again, Patricia.

And if you like this, why not also listen to "Did You Not Hear My Lady?" which I included some time ago in memory of a concert given by  an ex-Priorian Leo Smith at The Priory in 1957 (?).

Leo had a superb voice. Unfortunately, I have never been able to track him down.

12th November 2011

• If you were at Danby Hall you'll like Michael Gallagher's photos from that time.

Go to GALLERY Pages 397 & 398 to view them.

Many thanks again, Michael.

6th November 2011

• I was very pleased to receive 3 photos from Michael Gallagher's days at St Columba's, way back in 1963.

He has given us some 'faces' from the past who haven't appeared before, I think:
Kenny Greene, John Brighouse, Paul Hislop, John Nicholas, John Holdaway, Thomas Quirke,
Andrew Sculley and Tom Gibbons.

There's also an unidentified White Father. Can you help?

The first three photos that Michael sent can be seen on Page 397 of the GALLERY.

Thanks, Michael—looking forward to receiving the next batch.

5th November 2011

Tony Smyth recently took a trip to Canada and came back with some photos of Eastview etc that he would like to share with you. These can be seen displayed on Page 396 of the GALLERY.

Thank you, once again, Tony.

3rd November 2011

If you have visited the Message Board recently, you will have seen the request for information about the late President Julius Nyerere — a firm friend of the White Fathers, before and after he became first President of Tanzania.

Dr Thomas Molony, a lecturer at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh is researching the first 30 years of the President to complete the biography that he is writing.

Peter Finn and Fr Aylward Shorter WF quickly came to his assistance and I have recorded their responses in the HISTORIES section (Page 58). Included, as well, is a biography written by Angolwisye Isakwisa Malambugi. This extract was taken with permission from The Dictionary of African Biography.

Our thanks are due to these three contributors.

30th Octoberber 2011

Robbie Dempsey has forwarded the latest letter he has received from Fr David Cullen WF — which can be read by going to the APPEALS section or by clicking here.  These regular contacts are a source of great inspiration, of course, as well as an opportunity to decide whether to send him your donations via our Treasurer, Pat Gibbons.

17th Octoberber 2011

• I am pleased to tell you that the Message Board glitch was due to a technical problem experienced by BraveNet — who have given us a free Message Board and Traffic Counter for the past 10 years.

They have restored things as they were, and, at the same time, have restored my faith in human nature! Which was wavering a bit, I must confess. I will now start the process of transcribing the year 2010/11 messages into our Message Bank. Gradually . . .

16th Octoberber 2011

• Please visit the Message Board for news of a recent development.

10th Octoberber 2011

• There are some more (beautiful) photos of the Melrose area sent to us by Chris and Josie Benton. Go to GALLERY Page 395 to see them.  Our thanks, again, to these two time-travellers.

7th Octoberber 2011

• If you've by-passed the WELCOME Page, please go back and read Peter Finn's advanced notice of next year's centenary celebrations.

(Thank you for helping with arrangements on our behalf, Peter, and acting as our liaison with the WFs).

6th Octoberber 2011

•The VIDEO Appendix has had 6 new clips added, one of modern day Lusaka and five that have been released by the White Fathers / Missionaries of Africa. In the the latter you will come across Fr Frank Barnes, John Slinger and other White Fathers that you might know.

I'd very much welcome comments and information about these latest clips.

• Coming up soon : a) some photos recently taken by Chris Benton during his annual pilgrimage to St Boswells and the surrounding area and b) information about next year's centenary of the WFs ministry in the UK.

• Once these have been processed, I will get round to responding to emails that I have had to leave unanswered during a difficult summer period. I'm hoping that my apparent bad manners has not put off the likes of Robbie Dempsey and Patricia Hawkins de Medina — just two of the many people who have contributed so much to this website.

30th September 2011

•I have taken the liberty of reproducing two emails sent to friends and colleagues regarding the recent death of Mary Bliss, (7th September 2011). You will find these fond tributes to Mary on Page 18 of the OBITUARIES section.

If you knew Mary and would like to post a further tribute to her please email it to me.

•To answer your queries about the WELCOME PAGE music, it is Gortoz a Ran, sung by Denez Prigent — used as the soundtrack to 'Black Hawk Down'. (Also available via the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix). (Just 79p from iTunes!)

29th September 2011

•There is a further tribute to Fr Alan Fudge by Vincent Harrington, posted in The Independent Catholic News
on Thursday, September 1st 2011. They have kindly allowed me to reproduce this and you will find it on Page 18 of the Obituaries section.

The eulogy includes a video clip of Fr Alan that you might find very interesting. A comment attached to the video reads "Alan Fudge was the finest, most authentic religious scholar, teacher, preacher that I have ever heard."

I am grateful to Eric Creaney and Maurice Billingsley for drawing this to my attention.

23rd September 2011

•There's a very short tribute to Fr Alan Fudge on Page 18 of the Obituaries section, who died 3rd August. He is listed as being at St Augustine's, Blacklion, in 1963. If you were a contemporary of his you might like to send me something to add to what Maurice Billingsley sent me (from The Tablet).

18th September 2011

•Those of you who attended St Edwards, Totteridge, will be interested in GALLERY Page 395  — as will those who knew Hugh McVey.

I must draw your attention to the latest communique from Fr David Cullen, who is very grateful to those who sent money recently. He hasn't reached his goal yet, so let's hope that others will read of his July appeal and send him help. Go to the APPEALS section to read his story.

Our thanks for the above to Maurice B, Mike Ellis and Robbie Dempsey.

16th September 2011

•The next bundle of Maurice's photo is ready to view on GALLERY Page 394.

I am several weeks behind with my emails and this website. Please be assured that I will gradually catch up and respond properly to all who have made contact over the summer period.


12th September 2011

•Another set of Maurice's photos can be seen on GALLERY Page 393. (More to come).

8th September 2011

•Apologies for the long wait for new material promised — busy, busy, busy. So, we start again with more photos kindly sent in by Maurice Billingsley. Go to GALLERY Page 392 to see the first batch.

16th August 2011

•On 25th July, John & Margaret Morton celebrated their Golden Wedding at their local church, with Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald concelebrating Mass with other friends of the couple. I asked them to send me a photo — and this is now displayed on GALLERY Page 392.


•My apologies for not responding to recent emails. Things have been very busy of late, but I hope to get back in touch very soon.

9th August 2011

The celebration of Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald's Golden Jubilee Mass is now displayed in the current NEWS section — with generous contributions from Peter Jennings, John Morton and Maurice Billingsley.

26th July 2011 (p.m.)

We start GALLERY Page 392 with two photos from Peter Finn.

15th July 2011 (a.m.)

Maurice (Billingsley) has supplied me with a link to all the Missionary of Africa websites :
This is now included in the LINKS Appendix.

Also, you may have seen his comment on the Message Board regarding "Faith of Our Fathers" and other hymns which we may have forgotten. Due to popular demand (!) this 'oldie' is now included in the SOUNDS FAMILIAR APPENDIX. It's sung by Frank Patterson but I'm not really happy with the quality of the recording. Let me know if you find a better version.

Maurice. (And Vincent O'Neill for directing me to this particular YouTube clip some time ago).

4th July 2011

The redoubtable Robbie Dempsey has forwarded an urgent appeal from Fr David Cullen WF, who needs all the help he can get to buy a suitable replacement for his ancient Toyota Hilux.

As Robbie points out : Fr Cullen rarely asks for direct help and always takes great care to thank people for their donations.
He works in one of the poorest of missions where the roads are treacheroous in places — so a reliable vehicle is essential.

'The Pelicans' have been very generous towards all appeals in the past, and I'm  sure that this urgent need will attract an immediate response. PLEASE GO TO THE APPEALS SECTION to read Fr Cullen's latest letter.

29th June 2011

• Maurice Billingsley found a photo on his attic that 'belongs' on GALLERY Page 178

Thank you, Maurice — and for letting us know that Fr Dick Kinlen has recently been in touch with Maurice McPartlan, for whom I have no details except that he was a contemporary, also, of Maurice, Peter Hurrell, Michael Gallagher , Joe Maxwell, Frank Toop, Ray Murphy, Dave Simpsom et al (who crops up everywhere).

17th June 2011

• Fr Aylward Shorter MAfr has kindly allowed me to make a copy of his brief biography of Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka. This is now on display in the OBITUARIES section.

10th June 2011

I have provided a link on Page 58 of the HISTORIES SECTION to an account of the life of Joseph Nakabaale Kiwanuka, Africa's first Catholic Bishop — written by Fr Aylward Shorter MAfr.

Many of you will have met the Archbishop (as appointed in 1961) on one of his trips to the UK.

Shortly, I will ask Fr Shorter if the text can be incorporated into the OBITUARIES Section.

9th June 2011

Thank you Patricia Hawkins de Medina for sending me a link to Enrico Caruso's version of  'Core 'ngrato' (Ungrateful Heart).

The sound of these old Caruso recordings instantly reminds me of listening to the limited collection of 78rpm records that we kept in one of the Priory classrooms.

See what it does for you by going to the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix.

I wonder how many generations of Priorians used the wind-up gramophone to play those records? (Simple pleasures in those days!)

2nd June 2011

There are three more pages of Winfried Hartwig's photos in the GALLERY : Pages 389-391. Winfried has made a very substantial contribution to our website, for which we owe him our sincere thanks. Hopefully, this will also draw in other people from his time at Broome Hall and St Edward's (Totteridge) — both from the UK and other European countries.

THANK YOU, Winfried.

1st June 2011

• Fr Adrian Smith died 27th May. Some of you will remember him from his time at Oak Lodge — which, I surmise, was his main base for much of the period from 1980. (Perhaps you can confirm / correct me about that).

His passing is now remembered on Page 17 of the OBITUARIES section. This includes the very interesting 'testimony' that he wrote for Petit Echo
last year.

My thanks to Maurice B for alerting me to this.

Gerry Lenaghan's recent message on 'The Board' has now been copied to the REMINISCENCES Appendix . I'm sure that if I kept the relevant statistics, this would prove to be a very popular part of the website. These contributions add something very special to this archive of ours — so I ask myself : doesn't every 'Pelican' have their own story to tell? If so, why don't we have many more of these 'reminiscences'?

More to come.

27th May 2011

Go to GALLERY Page 388 to see another set of Winfried Hartwig's photos. (More to follow).

23rd May 2011

• Winfried Hartwig has sent me a large collection of photos — all carefully annotated — which will be appearing in the GALLERY over the coming week or so.

I am delighted that new material is still appearing 11 years later since the website began.

Regular visitors to the site will know that all photos have to be 'processed' before they can be displayed. The first batch is now ready, however, so go to GALLERY Page 387 to view them.

Thank you, Winfried !

18th May 2011

If you haven't visited the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix lately you will find several new entries. Today, for example, there's 'I vow to Thee My Country' added to the Hymns section.

17th May 2011

• Many thanks to Winfried Hartwig, who has sent us more photos taken 1968/9 at Broome Hall.

I'm hoping that this collection of 14 photos that Winfried has contributed will draw in some more of his contemporaries — particularly if they bring photos or stories with them.

Go to GALLERY Page 386 to view this latest batch.

Question : Is there an equivalent website as this in other countries ? If so, can you send us a link so that we can get in touch ?

Apologies if you are waiting for an email from me.  I hope to tackle my Inbox by the weekend.

16th May 2011

Ian Scott has worked quickly to produce that translation — so look again at GALLERY Page 385 — which also includes a further link and some music.

THANK YOU Ian. (I hope that this request didn't come in the middle of exam-time, or is that a thing of the past?)

15th May 2011

Mike Ellis has kindly sent me copies of pages taken from the 1960 'Pueri Cantores' event in which the St Columba's choir participated. He will be asking Ian Scott to translate some of the Italian script.

Go to GALLERY Page 385 to view this, or just click here.

THANK YOU Mike and Ian (in anticipation).

14th May 2011

We now have 7 more pictures of Broome Hall staff and students on GALLERY Page 384, courtesy of Winfried Hartwig — with more to come, I suspect.

THANK YOU Winfried, Maurice Billingsley, Karin and André Filion

12th May 2011

I received the following email from Jim Connolly this week:

"If you go into youtube and tap in "faith of our Fathers" and look for the hymn of the same title sung by Frank Pattison you will see that it is a series of shorts 1-10 of traditional Catholic Hymns sung in concert with full orchestra, choir and individual singers. It evoked for me memories of the hymns sung in church in the 40s,50 and 60s."

Thank you, Jim. I've started the process of extracting the soundtrack and you can listen to the first that is ready ("Hail Glorious St Patrick") in the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix (see Hymns).

More to follow.

9th May 2011

• Maurice Billingsley thought that visitors to the site might be interested in attending a 2-day workshop to be held at the end of the month in Canterbury. It's a workshop entitled " Islam, Christianity and the Middle East". Go to the NEWS section for further details or just click here.

Maurice also sent me a copy of an aerial view of St Anne's (Jerusalem) — which can be seen on GALLERY Page 384.

1st May 2011

On GALLERY PAGE 121 Winfried Hartwig has identified more individuals from Totteridge — this time, on the occasion of the the deaconite ordinations at Whetstone Parish Church.

Also, on GALLERY PAGE 384 you will find a further two photos from that period that Winfried has supplied. ( His contact details are now held in the CONTACTS section).

THANK YOU, Hartwig — your 'old' colleagues will be pleased to see that you have been in touch.

29th April 2011

• Brother James Kennedy died 7th April. He served some ten years of his early missionary life at both St Columba's and The Priory — so he would be known to many of you who attended either seminary between 1948-58. Go to Page 17 of the OBITUARIES section for more details of this long-serving Brother.

26th April 2011

• Did you know Fr Jaak Seynaeve at St Edward's (Totteridge) — or meet him in one of the many countries in which he carried out his missionary work? Aloysius Beebwa (from Jinja, Uganda) wrote to say that Fr Jaak died recently :
" I met this confrere (RIP), and he was amazing. His passing has been a moment for me to reflect on those gracious and rich hours I spent in conversations with him. "

Go to Page 17 of the OBITURARIES section to read the tribute tha Aloysius sent.

I am grateful, again, for this second contribution from Aloysius

• On a lighter note, Patricia Hawkins de Medina recently sent me a link to an astonishing 'juke box' wedbsite — so good that I am adding the link to the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix. Try it for yourself : http://upchucky.org/TimeMachine.htm

Thank you, Patricia!

22nd April 2011

• The following UPDATE was posted on 11th April 2011:

"You may have met up with Fr Piet Kramer in your travels. If so, it seems that you would have encountered a most charismatic and much-loved human being.

His colleague, Aloysius Beebwa (from Jinja, Uganda), will tell you this, when you read the tribute he has written to mark Fr Piet's recent death."

Aloysius felt that he hadn't done justice to his friend and so revised parts of his contribution. Click here to read the new version.

21st April 2011

Peter Jennings has been very busy of late, writing and editing the official record of the recent visit by the Pope Benedict XV1, His account of this and and his meetings with the Pope and other dignitaries (etc) can be read in the NEWS section. ( Year 2011)

12th April 2011

Vincent O'Neill has added a very interesting comment about Vicente Blesa on GALLERY Page 383 with a link to a YouTubE clip (which I have embedded for your convenience).

What a find! I hope that this means someone will know Vicente's contact details — and will pass them on for the website.

11th April 2011

Another entry for today :  "All In An April Evening" added to the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix .

11th April 2011

You may have met up with Fr Piet Kramer in your travels. If so, it seems that you would have encountered a most charismatic and much-loved human being.

His colleague, Aloysius Beebwa (from Jinja, Uganda), will tell you this, when you read the tribute he has written to mark Fr Piet's recent death. Go to Page 17 of the OBITUARIES section to read it.

My thanks to Robbie and Maurice for sending me a copy of what Aloysius wrote.

On GALLERY Page 383 you'll find 4 more superb views of the River Tweed and St. Columba's taken by Gerry Lenaghan. Such a lovely area and top-class photos — too difficult not to add to our large collection of such photos.

Many thanks again, Gerry.

10th April 2011

The funeral of Fr John O'Donohue, which took place on 5th April at Rutherglen, is recorded on Page 16 of the OBITUARIES section. Many of you who were at St Columba's and / the Priory during 1957-58 will remember Fr Donohue with affection.

Eric, Patrick Gibbons, Owen Gormley and his wife represented The Pelicans at Fr John's funeral.

My thanks, again, to Eric Creaney for the material that he sent me.

4th April 2011

Maurice Billigsley has added another comment to the photo of Brocagh Primary School. Click here to read it on Gallery Page 356.

And have you looked at the Message Board lately ? There are recent messages from Patrick Gibbons and Chris Benton.

(Have you noticed that there's a facility for commenting on a Message?)

2nd April 2011

Olivia O'Dolan has worked hard to discover the names of the children from Brocagh Primary School (Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim) who feature in the photograph on Gallery Page 356 that Maurice Billingsley contributed.

This may be of real interest to those of you who were at Blacklion at that time.

Our thanks to Olivia and Maurice for this little piece of history.

21st Match 2011

The NEWS section has been re-organised, ready for you to look at two recent items :

1. Fr Patrick Harrity's Golden Jubilee, via Eric Creaney who attended the celebrations;

2. Correspondence to-and-from Peter Finn regarding the forthcoming 100-year anniversary of the White Fathers establishing a base in Bishop's Waltham (and beyond).

Our thanks are due to Eric and Peter for these contributions.

15th Match 2011

Maurice Billingsley and friends have identified several faces featured in GALLERY Pages 12, 15, 17, 65, 226 and 266.
Very little fresh material has come my way of late — the longest hiatus the site has ever known — so these bits of 'added value' are most welcome.

14th Match 2011

Fr David Cullen's regular letter can be found by going to the APPEALS section or by clicking here. My thanks to Robbie Dempsey for sending it to me earlier in the month.

16th February 2011

Mike Ellis and friends have made contact with Hugh McVey (St Columba's 1960-62), whose details are now in the CONTACTS section.

There is much rejoicing . . .

27th January 2011

It's always encouraging to be given information that identifies people and places that feature in the website's GALLERY or elsewhere. Today, I received such help from Maurice (Billingsley), Michael (Gallagher) and Robbie (Dempsey) — so have a look at GALLERY Page 306 and Page 356.

Muchas Gratias, meine alten Freunde.

25th January 2011

To mark Burns' night, go to the 'SOUNDS FAMILIAR APPENDIX to hear Kenneth McKellar singing 'My Love is Like a Red Red Rose.'

• The GALLERY'S Index for Pages 350 onwards is now ready.

14th January 2011

• Mick Creechan has sent me information regarding Father Patrick Harrity's Golden Jubilee. He urges as many people as possible to attend the celebration. Go to the NEWS section to see the details.

1st January 2011

To START this new year, why not go to the SOUNDS FAMILIAR Appendix and listen to the latest addition : Albinoni's famous Adagio?

And while you're thinking about music — and are of a certain age and were at The Priory on 11th July 1957 — can you remember which Mass we sang for a BBC broadcast?

If Christmas has left you with the feeling that you need to get your house in order, why not check the attic once more and lay your hands on those photos that you promised to send me all those years ago. (And I don't just mean Tommy Kelly!).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those 'Pelicans' who sent me a Christmas card this year. There were too many to thank individually but please know that each one was much appreciated.

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