Southport, Lancashire

(source: Tony Smyth)
The 27-29 block which was the main area of the 'complex' .  Unfortunately we cannot find a photo of #31 which housed the chapel and meeting rooms
Fr Mike Targett writes (June 2012):

"..I was brought back from Ghana in 1969 to be the Director of the Spiritual Year, as the novitiate was now called. In 1971, we ( Frs. Julien Papillon, Roger Labonte and I) had the sad task of preparing to leave Broome Hall and then we moved to Birkdale 1971-1972. 1972-1973 was an "empty year" ( no young men for the English-speaking Spiritual Year) but we came back again 1973-1974 before leaving Birkdale for good."
Other photos from Birkadale can be found in Gallery 77.