At the beginning of each year, we are in the habit of bringing together all patients suffering from epilepsy and who are also beneficiaries of the drugs we receive from AMAP.


Compared to last year, for the year 2020, we have a higher number (we have 76 people; men and women; young and old and this after having categorically refused to register new ones who are also increasingly more numerous. However, today what can we say about the evolution of our patients?


Positive aspects

This Wednesday January 22nd in the ward of the parish, we had an annual meeting with the sick to answer two fundamental questions, namely : • What are the difficulties that patients face in obtaining medicines? • What is the impact of this medication on their bodies?


First of all let's say that we are satisfied with the fact that the patients realise that the free reception of this drug is a great chance for them. We notice that they are faithful and regular to the monthly meeting.


More than 98% of patients come to uplift their medication on the precise date of their appointment and follow very well the advice that the doctor gives them which justifies the stability of their state of health.


We have had very good testimonies from some patients as well as certain members of their families with regard to the positive evolution of the state of health. A young woman returned to her husband and confirms to us that since taking her medication she has seen a very big change.


Another young man who was almost excluded from his large family saw his condition stabilised and he began to work in his village like any other young man of his age.


Difficulties that patients face

Regarding supply difficulties, some patients say that their villages are very far away and during the winter season it can be a great difficulty to obtain the  medicines. With that, they suggest that we give them the drugs at least for two or three months in a row.


This request will be studied by the Dr and myself because the fact of giving a supply each month allows us to keep a permanent contact with the patients and that facilitates the follow-up.


In short, we were satisfied with the evolution or at least the stability of the state of health of our patients because many are those, despite their disease can lead a normal life.


Irregular patients

Admittedly, we are delighted with the regularity of the patients in taking their medication, but that is without taking into account the winter period.


Some Peul nomadic herders move further from the city and are almost cut off from the city throughout the winter period and this has the following consequence; the sick cannot get the medicine because it’s impossible to travel back and forth.


To help remedy this we will make a descision to see how to help those who are faithful and regular but whose lifestyle dictates a different rhythm, if they can have the drugs during these two to three months of winter. This will be carried out on a patient by patient basis.


The growing number of patients

As we said above, the number of sick people keeps increasing day by day. You will notice that the list of sick people annexed to last year's report was 66 people whereas today we have 76 people or ten more.


But the other problem is that we have at least five to six people whose dosage has been changed by the doctor from 2 tablets to 3 tablets per day or from 1 to 2 per day; it also affects the quantity received.


At this rate we may run out of stock before the end of the year. But compared to the drugs received on December 11, we still have 7,500 tablets of Carbamazepine 200mg.



In conclusion, let’s say that the help we receive from you in AMAP for these drugs is invaluable. On behalf of all the parish and pastoral team of the Parish of Our Lady of FATIMA and on behalf of all the beneficiaries, we say a very big thank you because thanks to you, many people who were rejected by their community feel valued and some normally resume their activities without fear or worry.


May God continue to bless you and all your work.

Fait à Nioro, le 22 janvier 2020
Père Emmanuel IMANI M.M

Curé de la Paroisse Catholique
Nioro du Sahel



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