AMAP Update August 2020  

Dear Friends,

Thank you for continuing to support this medical oriented group AMAP (Africa Medical Aid Project). We continue to be invited to support medical needs and to send approved products for the treatment of epilepsy and occasionally other medical conditions to qualified Medical Doctors in Mali.

 Our current balance on the bank account is now £3,383 65p and I decided last month, to send £500 to the Dr David Nott Foundation who train surgeons to work in very deprived countries both in Africa and in areas of conflict elsewhere in the world. I have attached a scan of the letter that they kindly sent me recently and I hope that you all approve this decision.

 We can continue to meet the requirements of Drs expressed by some of your ex colleagues from the White Fathers when we get them.

 With the ongoing emergence of this global disaster caused by Covid-19 things have become substantially quieter and I know it is incumbent on all of us as individuals and families to remain cognisant of the suggestions that we remain socially- distant from others and that good sense prevails along with the possibility that we as a species will develop an effective vaccine.  We can do no more than hope that this will be possible before too many more early casualties of this dreadful corona virus.

 t took nearly 30 years to develop the first safe and effective anti-flu vaccine. Influenza is another contagious respiratory illness caused by another corona virus and I sincerely hope our updated scientific knowledge can expedite the process today!

 I hope this note finds you and your families safe and well and hopefully enjoying fulfilled lives despite these challenging conditions that we are all living through these days.

 With very many thanks and best wishes,


 Mike Ellis

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Mobile: +44(0)7788 100 550


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