Missionaries of Africa 150 years Anniversary at Heston, UK
Maurice Billingsley writes:
The Mass at Heston on Sunday was attended by a good handful of Pelicans: Mike Mearns, who combined the occasion with a trip from Alberta to see family. He's a goodly age, but sprightly, if that applies to one of such great height. Joe Macintyre, Pat MacDermott, of the London Irish, Robert Shaw, originally from Birmingham but now resident in Herne Bay, cycling distance from here; he helps at Canterbury Cathedral where I met him a couple of years ago, all unsuspecting; I believe this was first Pelican outing; he was able to give Joe a lift to Heathrow to fly home.
Maurice continues:Neither John Morton nor Paul West of the Old Hestonians were among us; neither is very well but John had hoped to  come, he said, but family matters came first, as they should. I don't think Paul strays far from Wrexham.
Chris Wallbank was glad to have us there. The younger four of us all well remembered Dick Kinlen, whose passing had hit Chris hard, they'd been best mates since St Columba's. Having us there was a blessing for Chris, we who knew Dick as most of the confreres present did not; and naturally we had him in mind and heart at Mass.We were significant enough for me to have been asked to read, put it that way. 
And of course more than one of the celebrants were known to us as contemporaries or as teachers as in the case of Peter Kelly & Frank Nolan. Chris, Terry Madden, Mike Heap, Tom Cummins, Joe Cummings ... And don't doubt that you and all the ranks of Pelicans were remembered!



Bro Nick was on duty with the camera and has shared the results.



The choir, and the girl dancers, were from the London Congolese Chaplaincy.